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Rich and velvety red velvet cake batter ice cream with actual red velvet cake pieces and a dreamy cream cheese frosting swirl.

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Red Velvet Cake is made up of red velvet cake batter ice cream with red velvet cake pieces and a cream cheese frosting swirl.After a bit of digging (and making a ton of calls to different store locations), I discovered that while not all locations can provide a vegan frosting option (frosting.This was a wedding cake made for a couple who obviously loved ice cream:).Be warned: if you love red velvet cake, your jaw might just hit the floor when you taste this flavor.

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This recipe duplicates their rich and creamy chocolate ice cream (which is the number one flavor of ice cream in America).From a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont, to far-off places with names we sometimes mispronounce, the journey that began in 1978 with 2 guys and the ice cream business they built is as legendary as the ice cream is euphoric.

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Add in the sugar crunch bits from their Cotton Candy flavor and.

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I got the large scoop chocolate cone and i gotta say it was more than I could finish.

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Looks like Cotton Candy except for that one cake piece sticking out.

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Ben and Jerry’s latest Pint of Satan is “Cake Batter,” described as “Yellow Cake Batter Ice Cream with a Chocolate Frosting Swirl.” This sounds like a triple whammy, since I’m a sucker for yellow cake with any sort of frosting.

They are well known for famous flavors like Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey.

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Creamy, strong coffee ice cream studded with crunchy Heath Bar toffee chunks.I tend to be very artificial, usually I find a lot of butter cream glazes used in ice cream cakes.

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The original scoop shop became a community favorite thanks to its rich ice cream and creative flavors.

Ben and Jerry also made it a point to connect with the community, hosting a free film festival and giving away free scoops on the first anniversary of the store, a tradition that still continues.

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They invented Chubby Hubby, Wavy Gravy and (yes) Schweddy Balls.Be sure to visit the Scoop Shop for more ways to save, including information on Global Free Cone Day.You can even be selected as honorary Flavor Judicator or a Flavor Cultivator.

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If you are looking for vegan options this is the place to go.If you are a fan of cinnamon, this may be your next favorite ice cream.

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