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If you are close to one of our locations at we may be able to help you as quickly as today with your Apple iPhone repair in if you are not close to one of our locations but need help with repair of your Apple iPhone then you can place your order today and take.

It may cause either through general wear and tear or by dust and water getting into the port.

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It might happen due to various reasons, which may be related to a number of factors such as power cable breakages, software issues, operating system, etc.

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In other words, sealing the port when not in use is the best way to solve this problem.After you are sure that your iPhone is really not charging or has a charging problem, you can fix it by taking a good look at the four components that are involved: USB cable, charger, charging port and iPhone itself.

To re-verify this issue, you can try using a different USB device.

This method works for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S and other models: Power off your iPhone, by using the Slide to Power off option.To test this, try plugging your iPhone into another USB port on your computer (or on another computer if you have one nearby).

Whether your Charge port has stopped working, or the mic is broken, or the headphone jack.

A USB cable is the power cable bridge between your charging adaptor and your device charging port.The following will help you fix, repair or replace your broken iPhone charging port.

Fix broken charging port due to broken pins in the USB port, which leads to the failure of the charger to respond.This replacement made it easy to charge my phone again and a nice tight connection.One of these 3 factors may actually be the cause of your iPhone charging problem.

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Over time your iPhones charger port can become corroded, or packed with lint, preventing your iPhone from charging properly.All kind of damages, for example, cracked or broken screen and LCD, charging port, battery, front or rear camera, microphone, speaker, headphone jack, housing replacement or even water damage.

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A broken micro-USB port can be prevented in the first place if the ports are sealed while they are not being used.

iPhone 6 Not Charging Problem – How to Fix it? - Tech Warn

Use our customized charging port flex cable to restore the return-to-home function of your home button.

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